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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Last Day Thank You Notes

Dear beloved team,
I believe this would be the longest email I’ve ever wrote to you. I guess the title above summaries everything of my email below, just in case it is too long for you :p.
As most of you already know, today is my last day working in MMC Gamuda KVMRT (PDP) Sdn Bhd (why does our company has a very long name, I wonder).
I was first join MGJV during the EDTP project on the 17th October 2011, and was based at Bukit Mertajam Penang (and I am from Selangor). I was still single (and heartbroken) at that time, and being away from home sounds really fun and adventurous. Fast forward 3 years later, while I was on my maternity leave (and matured a bit), I received an email informing of my transfer to PDP for KVMRT project. God knows how much joy I felt that day because being away from home when you already have a baby is no fun anymore! (Working mommies know this feeling =_=)
So, on the 1st October 2014, marked my new journey under similar parents (MGJV), but with different family members (all of you). On my first day, I was asked to join our SHE Department Meeting where I got to introduce myself. I was assigned to Northern Team under supervision of Capt. Mazlan for the next 14 months, and then under Encik Safa for the next 2 months.
There were so many ups and downs for me, but I knew that this was a place that offered endless opportunities far more than I had earned. All of you were so generous with guidance and encouragement, offered me a warm friendship, and gave me the opportunity to make some very public mistakes too.
I was then assigned to change role with Nurul and to manage administrative task at HQ. This includes to lead a small but great team, namely Asyraf, Fendi, Nazmi, Syidi & Kak Zura under direct supervision of our HOD, Capt. Abdul Rahmat. Thank you guys (and girl) for being a very supportive team, able to answer most of my queries, and make me laugh my head off almost every day. I’m sure I couldn’t do it alone without tremendous help from all of you. And that includes Encik Mazri & SHASSIC Team, Aziera & Husni too!
So, thank you all for this opportunity and please forgive me for any mistakes or wrong doing that I have made before.
I can still be contacted at my current number +6012-xxxxxxx; or my personal email 
I believe our path will cross again someday (or sooner).
Until then, take care. :) :) :)
Syida Adnan.
Mommy First; Employee Second.

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