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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Million of thanks.

Friends and Families
Foes and Enemies
Comrades and Colleagues 
Teachers and Lecturers
Those Who Stay and Those Who Walk Away,

Million of thanks,

the Walks we had
the Laughs we burst
the Tears we shed
the Secrets we kept
the Friendship we had
the Bittersweet Memories we created
the Time we spent

the Promises made and/or broken

the Ears you lend
the Back you stabbed
the Smile you cracked

Everything we gave and everything we took
every Lessons we learned; be it bad or good,

It's true when He gave you what you need, instead of what you want,
Cause it took each and everyone of you to bring me to the now,
To Allah I thanks and to Him I pray,
Nothing but the best for you in 'Here' and 'There'.

This journey has been great so far. And I know great things will keep coming biiznillah. Insya Allah. :D


  1. tahniah678x ahahha

    teringat masa aku konvo oh!

  2. tahniah along! letak la banyak2 gambar lagi. suke tengok gambar2 dr photographer professional nh! hehe

  3. yeop:
    hehe trimas! walaupun lambat cket, akhirnya konvo gak haha..

    syukran dear!!ahhaha...gambar sume kawan2 snap. nnti la along post kt entry lain ke hehe. tp dalam fb ada je gambar2 :)

  4. tak de botton like ek?

    ok lah....

    I LIKE ! LIKE ! LIKE ! LIKE! .....



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