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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hitchhikers from Russia!

I just can't wait to share this with you!

I had my part-time class today and we finished our class around 4.40 pm. After having little chat with Mugi, my new friend, we went our separate way. I hopped into my borrowed-for-one-day-car and drove off.

Just after I took the right turn towards the highway, I saw one guy and two girls standing beside the road on my left-hand side trying to hitchhike. As we all know, we don't really do hitchhike in Malaysia. My first thought was, "They might be in trouble and need help," while my second thought was, "Could they be a group of serial killers?!". Eh~

Despite my second thought, I did pull over anyway. The guy came to my car and tried to start a conversation. I use the word 'tried' because he couldn't speak English well.

"Hi!.." he sounded relieved. 
"Hi...Where do you want to go?"
"Urmm..we want go Penang (as if in benang), Penang...umm,  the Georgetown?"
"Umm, okay..why are you here?"
"We..we go car by car...we hitchhiking.."
"Ouh, okay..where are you from?"
"We are from Russia", he smiled. 
"Okay it okay if I send you just until ferry?"
"Yeah, yes..ferry is okay.."
"Alright, come on in..!" I smiled. 
"Yes, thank you...thank you so much!" 

He called the two girls over. I guessed they did a good research on Malaysia as a Muslim country. Because to my surprise, he asked one of the girl to sit beside me while he cramped himself at the back seats with the other girl. (The back seats were cramped with my bag, books, Adrian's safety helmet, an empty box, pair of shoes, and their huge backpacking bags. It's amazing how they managed to squeeze inside).

The guy's name is Alex and forgive me readers for not being able to remember the girls' names. This has nothing to do with Alex being a cute guy. It just their names are hard to pronounce, and I did pronounce them wrong, and now I totally forgot their names. Betul, tak tipu!

Meanwhile, from our short and sweet conversation, they told me that they were coming from Thailand while hitchhiking. They will stay here in Penang around 5-6 days before going for their next stop, Kuala Lumpur. I'm not sure whether they will still hitchhike or take public transport, as I told them hitchhiking is not really famous in here.

As we were approaching the Butterworth Bus Station, I pull over in front of one of the jeruk stalls and asked the owner how to take ferry for pedestrians. Okay, I know I have stayed here like more than 1 year, and did took the ferry few times, but I admit, I don't really sure where the entrance is. So after confirmed the way to go there, I tried to explain to them as simplest as possible. And that's when I asked them if it's okay to take commemorative photo with them. 

.....And tadaa...! kekeke...

After saying goodbye and wish them luck, they also express their gratitude by saying 'Terima Kasih'. They got it right at the second attempt. They didn't even offer a shake hand. Told you they already made a good research. haha..

So, that's it. Hopefully, they will find the beauty of Islam and beauty of Malaysia as well in our currently-not-so-peaceful country. May they have a safe journey, and may I have my own journey in the nearest future. Eheh.


  1. hehehee.. biasa kami buat kat afrika jer..
    untung la dapat member baru dari Rusia :P

  2. Blogwalking. Tapi kenapalama dah takde update?



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