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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My emak is amazing

Emak on her 45th birthday

This is my mother. Her name is Nor Hafizah Daud. We call her 'emak'. She got married when she was 20 years old, and gave birth to me a year later. She was studying in New York at that time. Both of my parents were. It has been 25 years now that we shared most of the laughs and tears together. 

Me and emak at New York Zoological Park

She was the fiercest mother I would say during the first generation time. And that would be me, Angah, Itan and K.Chik. The first four siblings. But thanks to her, we are a lot more independent than others. When the second generation came -and that would be Abang, Kakak and Adik- well, enough said that they don't even know how to wash their shoes. haih~

She's a great cook. Have you tried her most popular pizza? Or her lamb chop? or sweet bread, homemade ice cream, mushroom soup, pasta, bla bla bla...?I should just open up a cafe for her. But when it comes to hot and spicy stuff, (I love hot and spicy food, but not her), I guess I have to cook it by myself. haha

When it comes to travel thing, she's the coolest mother in the world. When some mothers would worry if their children would be safe in a new place, or doing new stuff, she would said, "Just go. I handed you to Allah. He will take care of you, and you will take care of yourself, don't you?" (well that's how I could go to Bangkok by train last few months. will tell you more bout it in the next post!)

She's an activist. She's an ustazah. She dedicated her weekdays by teaching Quran, tajweed, and Islamic teachings to various group of people. She's the homemaker. She's a great daughter. She's a wonderful sister. She's a fantastic mother. She's simply amazing! 

I just couldn't find the  right words to describe how amazing she is. We love you emak. We love you more than you know. And we are sorry, for all the heart-ache and tears that you shed for us. We'll make you proud. You and ayah, will be proud of us!

One happy blessed blissful family at home :D


  1. Oh God... Can't help it... My tears running down like river.I was touch. Tq darling for this lovely thought... I love all of u.. Its not easy to be a mother...try hard to be the perfect one. All of us make mistakes, but we learn from mistakes.

    I love this family, and im proud of each one of you. All of u are great and have your own speacial capabalities and talent.

    To u Kak Long, i love to hear you lough, and kinda miss it when youre not around. We have shared lots and lots of thing together coz your the eldest..hehe. you are great when its time to 'disiplinkan adik2'

    Angah, very simple person,trying to please every body all the time...happy go lucky type but i know deep down he's sensitive . Sentiasa dapat apa dia nak. Gud negotiator like his father.

    Furqan...meaning pembeza antara yang haq dan batil... and every speacial way is different from others.

    'Ezzah ... yang tak reti merajuk, kuat semangat..represent most of my self...

    Zahran... everybody call him Qurrata a'yun...(my qurrata a'yun) the Ustaz of the family, Al Hafiz in the making InsyaAllah. love to hear his voice reciting Al Quran.

    Aishah... semua org panggil dia kakak. MasyaAllah ramai yang tak tahan dengan mulut lazer nya... Tapi penyanyang , bijak dan berdikari.

    Adek..of coz yng kecik... manja. Pandai sgt buat lawak kering.. Bakal pemimpin InsyaA.. or bakal pemain bolasepak terkemuka M'sia?

    And my dear hubby... u completed me, I feel contented. U teach me a lot of thing esp the beauty of Sabar...

    I only have one thing in mind, I want all of us to unite in this dakwah, for the sake of Allah and Rasul... to be with him (Rasulullah SAW) and the sahabah and the anbiya' in Jannah.

    Your mom.

  2. My tears running down as well :'( Yes Kak Long, your emak is superbly amazing! She's the best woman I've ever met, honestly. She inspired me much! I don't know why she is always on my mind, wherever I am (however, it's a good thig). I love your mummy <3

  3. mak:
    thanks for stopping by. u know i'm not good at expressing myself.

    thanks dear. every mom is amazing on their own way. i believe, ur mom is superbly amazing too!

  4. chieda,couldn't stop my tears while reading this amazing expression for ur mother..wish my mother is here for me to said the same things toward her. wish u and ur mother bless all the time and yes, i agreed ur mother is the best! reminds me a lot of my wonderful mother,who have the same spirit as her..really miss your mother while she's still around!

  5. kasih ummi:
    thanks for the wishes kak shiqin. but then, this is not the best expression to describe my emak. sometimes, words just not enough to describe them. thanks for stopping by :)



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