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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My ayah my hero

Ayah and me, one month old.

This is my father. His name is Adnan Ahmad. We call him, 'ayah'. He is one year older than emak. A loving husband to emak, a great father to 7 of us! There are so much that I learn from him. His patience is one of them. I believe I inherit most of his features than emak. I think our face, our hair, our silence, our jokes, our 'sawo matang' skin color, are almost the same. Hehe..

He was a great cook. He used to make his own recipes and yes, we the first-gen were the 'victims' to taste all those new recipes. But they were delicious though. I love them, and kinda miss them. You should try. Seriously.

He likes to make jokes, which orang utara said, 'lawak kerin'. I still remember when I was in primary school he scold us for being pelupa in an early age. He said (with a serious face),
"Macamana hangpa kecik-kecik dah jadi pelupa? Ayah sampai sekarang dok ingat lagi hari ayah lahir. Masa tu suma gelap. Tiba-tiba ayah rasa ada orang tarik. Ayah nampak ada cahaya, pastu ayah bukak mata. Nampak la tokwan ngan opah hangpa..."
And the laugh burst. :D

Mind you, he is the coolest father in the world. As cool as cucumber. When I first encountered heartbreak (and it was only last year. yes, i was 24 already), he gave what every father would give- a peace of mind. Unlike emak who were act protectively,  he was more fair and square. Never once he blamed mr ex nor me. Well I guess, a Martians knows another Martians better, aite? Tell you what, during the first week of the heartbreak, he came into my room every night just to check if I was okay or not. I felt like a little girl again. Somehow, it was a nice feeling to have. (yes, mr ex. you are lucky~)

My pray for you ayah, may Allah bless you, and our family with His rahmah, sakinah and mawaddah. 

Eid Fitr 2009

He's my father. Simply my hero. My own superhero. 
Love you so much ayah!


  1. pak hang tak nampak makan tua sangat ahahha

    happy family ;-D

  2. yeop:
    sebab tu la aku pun awet muda, ikut pak nya la..ahhahaha (ada kene mengena ke? :P)

    alhamdulillah. moga kekal bahagianya sampai syurga :)



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