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Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm gonna miss you all.

Offered to become a teacher for two months really is a great opportunity, at least for me. What's more, it is in IIUM PJ- my garden of knowledge and virtue. Have been assigned to take care of 21 kids of 3-years-old makes me feel honored. It is not an easy job. This is when they learn from our actions and words. Scolding them without reasoning only give them the wrong signal. Well yes, Urban and Regional Planning has nothing to do with teaching and kids development. But somehow, being the eldest in the family, and the 5th grandchildren of 30 really helps a lot. 

Sadly, I have to quit earlier. As early as this Thursday. Not because I hate the job. Or tired of taking care other people's children. The kids are adorable. I cannot simply quit on them. But simply because of my brother's wedding. Well, the wedding was originally planned after raya, but then the whole family decided to change the date to the mid of July. Yeah, do the math. It's only 3 weeks left. It's gonna be 3 hectic weeks~

Dear jewels,  4 weeks really is a short time. But it is also a sweet memorable one. You won't probably remember me in the near future. But I'll be missing you all. My prayers are with you. Always! Semoga setiap daripada kamu menjadi anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah. Insya Allah.

Somehow, I believe I'm ready to be a mom. eheh~ :P


  1. aku koje dekat uia pj jgk, jg cleaning & lanskap. Ape tu hari tu roy kabo kate kamu koje situ, cari2 juge tak de kesempatan banyak koje kat opis ahahah

  2. yeop:
    ada, ada roy ngn abi gtau hehe..tapi aku xtau opis ko ktne. aku kul 6 abih keje terus balik hostel. hari ni da last. sedey gak r..haha~



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